Shopping with God in Rome

It’s not often that I will drop £350 on myself without pre-planning the expense, working it into the budget, rationalizing why I, and the items that I desire, are worth it.

It was a new and rare experience when I found myself freely handing over my credit card without any of these mind games going on. A spontaneous shopping spree on the 2nd day of the True You Italia retreat as we were wandering the streets of Rome.

Technically, we were looking for a place to sit and have a drink and a snack together (when in Rome…). My mission at the time was to get us off the main street and into the quieter alleys that were not so packed with tourists (those darn tourists).

As I paused to invite the others to cross the street, I looked up and saw a dress that caught my eye. It was an orangey mustard colour with a subtle blue flower print, the light material flowing off the mannequin in such a way that stirred something in me to try it on. To see if I would feel as beautiful in it, as the beauty the dress itself created.

Plus the price was right. 39 euros? I can do that.

So I meandered into the shop, browsing the racks, imagining how the gently feminine styles would look on me, keeping an eye on the price tag.

I found a navy pullover for only 19 euro made in a light viscose material, with long sleeves and a long torso, that made me feel comfy and softly sexy at the same time.

That was a definite yes.

Then something made me ask the sales assistant if I could try on the dress in the window… the reason why I had walked into the shop in the first place.

Maybe a different day I would’ve settled for the comfy sexy pullover, but the whole Retreat was about coming Alive… part of that means acknowledging and acting on my desires. And I had a desire to try on that dress.

The young man explained that the one on the mannequin was the last one in the store, he could get another one from a sister store, but would I like to try on the same dress different colour in the meantime?

Sure. Go for it.

And go for it he did.

I put the dress on and it was shapeless. Not what it looked like on the mannequin. A subtle disappointment creeped in… once again my desires don’t look good on me.

I showed my two amici, Liberty and Becki, and they agreed… something was missing.

The belt! The mannequin was wearing a belt!

‘I’ve got a belt at home’, I said.

The sales assistant, whom we soon learned was named Emanuele, perked up. ‘No, not your belt from home. I will get you a belt. Stay there.’

He brought over a blue leather belt that matched the sprinkle of blue in the dress. He lovingly tied it around my hips and flounced the material around it.


Wait, you need the necklace.

2 minutes later I had my choice of necklaces to try on. I chose the one that felt most me.

Yup, that worked.

Something inside of me was awakening… I started to feel playful. ‘What shoes would I wear with this outfit?’ I asked. ‘Heels?’ I was picturing strappy stiletto Roman-esque adornments for my feet.

‘Ah, No. I will show you. What size are you?’

‘Ok good. Here, put these stockings on your bare feet while you’re waiting.’

Next thing I know, I am standing there with Emanuele down on his knees scrunching the soft leather of a pair of handmade boots around my calves, just so, to give the outfit the exact look and feel he could see for me.

Me? I had no clue boots could scrunch. Left to my own devices I would’ve rigidly kept them knee high. I was not expecting the inviting look, and the internal surrender, that came from the boot scrunch.

Again he eyed up his creation. ‘Something is missing’. He declared. ‘Stay here.’

I stayed and looked in the mirror. Definitely not an outfit I would’ve picked out for myself, but it was working. I liked what I saw.

He returned with a blue jacket that matched my belt, hand crafted from lambskin, as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Trust me, I was not expecting to ever try on a blue leather jacket. It just wasn’t in my view of what works for me.

But to my surprise, this more than worked.

Another look in the mirror and I could barely take in what I saw. It was like I was lifted from the page of a magazine. The outfit popped, and in wearing it, I did too.

Becki and Liberty were oohing and ahing. Turn here. Look that way.

I let myself be seen. Playfully and coyishly posing for them to admire. Hand on hip, knee bent, head tilted.

Something inside of me desired to savour this. Let myself receive the attention, care, and admiration of those around me.

Forget the outfit, this experiment in receiving was a whole new look for me. My norm is to downplay and shy away from compliments, and then crack some joke so as to dumb down the beauty.

I chose differently yesterday. And it felt damn good.

I felt like a woman. Like a divine being. I tried on the ability to receive, without any strings attached; without owing anyone anything or apologizing for my radiance.

I was empowered to own this moment, and so I chose to take that moment home with me. To own it for good; without figuring out where the £350 was coming from, or what would my husband think, or do I really need or deserve this?

It didn’t matter. Because being more of me is priceless. So is owning and living the truth of who I am…  a woman who can delight in herself, and let herself be delighted in by others. A woman who knows she is worthy.

And as I did that, something else changed in me. I let the walls down between me and Emanuele.

Because at first the cynic in me thought, hmmm, he’s a really good sales person. I better keep my eye on the price tag here because he’s up and cross-selling me, all for his gain ie commission. And although he’s doing a very good job, I’ve sussed him out.

But the more I let myself receive, the more the judgement melted away. I stood back and let him do his thing, because he was actually having FUN! Decorating and dressing me was not a job for him.

It was Play. His Art. I was his Creation.

I got curious about him… Tell me Emanuele, why do you do what you do?

I like to put the colours together for people. They would never think green goes with this, or blue goes with that, but then I put it together, and dey lahv it!

His finds joy in seeing others experience joy.

His True You comes alive as he helps others come Alive.

We asked if we could capture this moment on camera, and so Liberty asked him, ‘When do you feel most alive?’

And this is when it became clear our shopping spree was not really a shopping spree, but a Divine experience. A meeting with God.

‘When I pray.’

Here, in a women’s fashion boutique in Rome, was an openly gay Jewish man who admittedly talks to God (and sometimes Jesus…) and who comes most alive when he prays. (If that doesn’t mess with your view of who’s right and wrong when it comes to religions and sexuality, I don’t know what will.)

Not something I was expecting, and not something I can explain.

It brings tears to my eyes and sends me to my knees.

Because Emanuele, God with Us, was giving me more than a new outfit. He was acting out the gift from the Creator who likes to Play. Who likes to make Art. For whom I am It’s Creation.

And for whom You are too.

Dear ones, know that you are delighted in. You are loved. You are a work of art. Let yourself receive this gift.

Surrender to the work of Emanuele. You are already adorned by your creator. Regardless of your race, religion, sexuality, gender, number on the scale, bone structure, percentage body fat, health problems, emotional problems, your failures, your successes, your pains and your joys.

You are You for a reason. Let yourself come Alive.

Awaken to your own playfulness, your own creativity. Be curious about the world around you.

Let the walls of judgement, shame, fear, expectations, and perfection, fall down around you (those same walls that try to separate Christian and Jew and Muslim and gay and straight and married and single and divorced and you name it.)

Let the beauty of your True You shine through.

Please, I beg you.

The world needs your True You. It needs you, and me, to be like Emanuele; shamelessly and vulnerably letting ourselves be seen (even the parts that could easily have us hung on a tree) and sharing our gifts to the world. Lighting up others by just being our quintessential selves.

We all left changed that day. We wanted to take Emanuele home with us. And not because we’d be guaranteed a good-outfit-day 7 days a week. But because being around him touched something in each of us; awakened us to something bigger than us that we can’t explain.

And when we put down our guards enough to connect with what he had to offer, we were changed.

Truth is Emanuele is with us always. That spirit, the delight of something bigger than us that we can’t explain, is always with us. Just look around you. You will see it.

In the wind, in the waves, in a flower, in a child, in a dog sniffing and licking your face. In the laughter and the art of another soul walking this earth with you.

Emanuele, God with us, is With You.


#BOAW16: What Naked Female Bodies taught me about Beauty

Naked Female Bodies. Probably the most competitive arena in the Western world. So much so it might as well be an Olympic Sport. At least then the standards would be objective and not left up to the eyes of the beholder, forever wondering if this body is ‘good enough’.

Our bodies are either too fat, too thin, too soft, too hard, too round, too flat, too tall, too short. We’ve adopted the Goldilocks syndrome, except we can never find the resting place of, our body, or her body, is ‘just right’.

I am guilty of being Goldilocks. For years I judged every pair of legs, arms, abs, and cheeks (both pairs) that passed me by. And as with all forms of judgement, I was my own worst critic. Displacing my judgement on to her body was easier than accepting my own frailty and flaws.

When I was 18, I was exposed to more naked female flesh than I bargained for. The locker rooms in my university had showers that were reminiscent of Auschwitz. One big, square, stark, concrete room; empty except for shower heads peeking out from the walls. No cubicles, curtains, or any gesture of privacy.

And so after track practice, I’d be butt and breast naked with at least 10 other women as we washed off that day’s sweat and grime.

A perfect opportunity for the dissatisfied Goldilocks in me to take over. Her legs aren’t cut enough. Her bum isn’t round enough. Her thighs aren’t toned enough. Her breasts aren’t firm enough.

I was always comparing each body to some idealistic vision of what a woman’s naked body should look like.

The reality: no one in that room made the cut. Least of all myself. Because none of us had cracked the code of how to surpass the unreachable standard of perfection.

For years I’ve had the wool pulled over my eyes about what a woman’s beauty is; caught in the harsh cycle of comparison, judgement, shame; resulting in trying to hide my own flaws and compensate, in order to meet aesthetic standards.

Here’s what I know now, that I wish I knew then.

Aesthetic beauty is not uniform.

Aesthetic beauty is not the defining factor of a woman’s beauty.

A vivid memory I have from those locker room days was noticing the variety in breasts, nipples, and pubic structure. In the first 18 years of my life, the only naked female body I was familiar with was my own, and I naively thought that all breasts and vaginas were created equal.

Equal? Yes. Identical? No.

Why this was a shock to me, I’m not too sure. Clearly our eyes, noses, and ears were all different. Why wouldn’t the most intimate parts of our bodies be different too?

While this was news to me, I didn’t understand the symbolism of this fact until more recently. I was too busy looking for similarity, conformity, and sameness, missing the point those naked bodies were trying to tell me.

No one body has a monopoly on beauty. Beauty is variety.

No two bodies have identical features (OK, except for twins), even down to our most intimate parts which are usually hidden from sight.

When we are clothed, we hide our differences. It is in our nakedness, that we see our uniqueness.

And while one body may have individual features that can be labeled attractive, or pleasing to the eye, it is the collective, the combination that is beautiful.

Consider a painting. A canvas that is painted solid purple may be nice to look at, a pretty color. But it isn’t until the blue, green, pink, red and yellow are splashed on and accentuate each other, that you have something beautiful.

And so it is with the beauty of a woman. To think that you or I alone define beauty, destroys its essence. Alone, you and I can be pretty, nice to look at, and yes, carry pieces of beauty.

But, it is in standing naked next to another that is beautiful.

It is in our differences, our variety, the fact that no two of us have the same exact same shape, size or coloring, that we create the beauty.

And while this stands true aesthetically, our beauty extends beyond our physical.

Last week I made a comment in The Nourish Circle, reflecting on the experience of coming together for a group call the day before. I wrote, “The vulnerability and shared wisdom that each of us brings is beautiful.”

Hmmmm…. That has nothing to do with how hard, soft, round, flat, tall or short we are.

It was the sharing from the heart, letting others in on the secret heartaches and joys of our souls that was beautiful. Getting emotionally and spiritually naked with each other.

That was beautiful.

And just as in our physical self, while we each have a similar make up and can relate to much of each other’s stories and experiences, no two of our souls are identical.

We are individual, yet the sharing of our individuality and differences creates connectedness, relatability, and no longer are we alone. Like a single strand of a spider web, each strand serves a purpose, and once connected, you have a work of art.

And just like a spider web, where one strand on it’s own can easily be broken but a web can carry an immense amount of weight, keeping one’s ‘weaknesses’ to oneself will break you, but sharing them generates strength.

The beauty of sharing the intimate corners of our hearts, the parts of ourselves that we usually keep close, covered up and clothed, because showing those parts would be too embarrassing, shameful, or inappropriate, is something that I now crave and seek out.

Although at the time of the naked showers, I allowed myself to be physically seen, I kept my emotional and spiritual self, buttoned up and buried deep. And I too, broke.

I could not see that my differences, my so-called flaws, both physically and emotionally, contributed to a collective beauty. And so I fought to change myself and my body. So much so, it led to an eating disorder.

It is only now, through my healing that I can see what I missed. That our beauty, and strength, comes from our differences, ‘weaknesses’, and surrender.

Ah, the Surrender.

For years I thought that I knew better than my body. That I could mold, sculpt, and whip it into shape. Turn it into a machine.

Except it already was a machine. I just didn’t understand how it works.

Within our naked bodies lives wisdom that lays dormant until ignited.

The key that turns the ignition? Surrender. Not Control, as I naively believed.

Surrender and trust, that the same body that pumps blood, creates a baby, and gives and receives pleasure, without having to micro-manage it’s every move, also knows what we need to emotionally and spiritually survive, create, and freely give and receive.

When your body is aching for a run, go for a run. When it is knackered beyond belief, sit still and rest.

When something inside of you craves a catch up with your best friend that you haven’t spoken to in months, a book that you’ve just heard about, a visit to certain part of the world, a good wail and a cry…

Listen to that craving.

Chances are there is something waiting for you. Something that you are ready to learn, a door or window ready to be opened, a gift.

Your body knows where you need to go and what you need to do before you do.

But it won’t tell you if you can’t see it’s beauty.

When you are judging, controlling, and disconnecting from your body, it goes silent.

Instead, we have to be grateful for how it functions, regardless of it’s shape, size, or shade.

We have to care for it, as we would any machine.

And we have to listen to what we are sensing, feeling, and hearing, even when it doesn’t make 100% sense and we can’t be certain of the outcome.

By learning how to relate to our bodies in this way, we learn how to relate to the world.

When we learn to love and surrender…. That, my friends, is beautiful.

So here’s what I finally realized was staring right at me all those times in the shower:

When our hearts are filled with love and surrender, and we stand naked next to another,  exposing our differences and ‘weaknesses’…

that is the beauty of  a woman.

Thanks to August McLaughlin for inspiring and inviting this post. For more Beauty of a Woman blog posts and a chance to win prizes, visit

To join a group of open-hearted women sharing their vulnerabile beauty with each other, visit

How to ‘Get Away’ without going anywhere

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been crying out for space, a retreat, a vacation. I wrote about that here.

Aside from realizing I get to be my own boss, work on my own terms, and play when I want to, I also realized that over the past 3 weeks, I gave myself everything I was asking for.

I didn’t have to cross any borders or hop on any planes. And most importantly, I didn’t crash and burn.

Here’s how I did it and how you can too:

  1. Un-plug to plug-in. Create space from what’s going on around you so can connect with you, connect with God. Go for a sunset walk on your own. Turn off the TV and climb into bed earlier than usual with a book. Have ‘church in the yurt’ with your friends where you can bare all, dance, sing, and fill your soul. Appreciate the beauty around you, just as you would when you’re sipping cocktails and watching the sunset over the Mediterranean from the patio of your beach villa.
  2. Go crazy. Follow your intuition to that place outside your comfort zone. You know when you’re travelling and you end up doing crazy things you’d never do at home, like catch a ride with strangers, invite your tour guide over for dinner, play beach volleyball in a bikini… It’s different, new, and exciting. So do something out of the norm at home and get high off the buzz. Like, have some women over your house for a ‘Creative Kitchens by Kendra’ party. Or dance to Cream Anthems at 10pm as if you were in a club. Why not?
  3. Pamper yourself. Let’s be honest, we’re all smart cookies here. If we know how to build business plans and birth babies, we also know how to pamper ourselves. We just rarely make time to do it unless we’re away. So make the conscious choice to put yourself first and awaken your senses. For me that includes:
    1. Daily exercise that is fun and motivating. I’ve always moved more freely when on vacation… morning beach runs, hikes, evening swims. While that wasn’t accessible, a big thank you to’s 14 day Conscious Cleanse (and ps, this is an affiliate link, I get a free month of yoga if you sign up.)
    2. Creating food with a twist. I’ve mastered the chocolate mint green smoothie for breakfast and invented a sweet potato and beetroot dish to die for.
    3. Adding some new scents into my life. A friend sent me some Essential Oils and I’ve been soaking in the absolutely divine grapefruit and peppermint scents like no tomorrow.
    4. Taking care of my skin. I’ve been taking time to moisturize my hands with honey and olive oil, wash my face with a honey and sugar srub, and have replaced my toxic cleaners with natural probiotic ones.
  4. Play. When you’re away, you do stuff ‘just because’ without any attachment to the outcome. Anything from splashing in the pool, to riding ski jets, to playing cards. I don’t normally ‘play’ at home, but was inspired to weed my friend’s garden and realized that this is my version of play. Just get in the zone, forget about all else, and create some beauty in the meantime. Whatever floats your boat, go do it.

Funnily enough, 3 weeks of all of the above and I feel like I have just come back from being away.

I’m more relaxed. My husband isn’t picking up on a stress vibe and encouraging me to stop working like he was a few weeks ago.

I’m sleeping better and waking up before my alarm (this is seismic btw!)

I have more energy, a reflection of how I’m caring for my body AND my soul. I’m only doing things that give me energy and have stopped doing things that were depleting me.

A couple of other things that made a difference:

I actually said out loud to my husband: ‘I am needing space right now.’ In the past I would’ve felt guilty, or been afraid that this might create a rift. This time, I was so in tune to what I was feeling and what I needed, that there was no point in sugar-coating it.

Sometimes you gotta own it.

And of course, because he saw that this was true for me, and I was doing something about it in a healthy way, he wholeheartedly supported my 9pm solo walks in the park, and willingly set up a tent in our garden so I, and we, can have more space.

Which leads me to the last awesome take-away from my non-getaway.

Bring your ‘time away’ home with you.

When I say, ‘I want to get away’, there’s really only 2 scenarios that I’m thinking of.

  1. Camping in the mountains with loads of fresh air, crystal clean lakes, and hikes to some jaw-dropping views.
  2. A villa in Italy, by the beach, with a salumeria, fresh formaggio, and local vino within a 10 minute walk.

While neither one were possible to replicate this month, I do have the next best thing at home with me now.

bivvyA tent (technically a bivvy for carp fishing, but shhhh…) in my back yard so I can camp to my hearts delight.


And a little piece of Italy that I will use on a daily basis (as well as tomatoes and basil growing in the garden.)

Woman, try it. Give yourself the space you are asking for. ‘Get away’ even if you don’t go anywhere.  You will come back refreshed, ready to take action from a softer place, with your creative juices flowing, I promise.

I also get it; there’s nothing like the real thing. Which is why my friend Michelle McCormick and I are hosting a retreat later this year so you can actually get away. We’ve experienced first hand the magic that un-plugging, adventure, pampering and play, can have on your life and your business.

Which is why we’re creating that space for you, as well as a container to help you apply the experience back to ‘real-life’.

8 women are invited to join us for a 3 month experience, including a week in Hawaii this October. This is for the woman who wants to be creating with soul, taking action from her heart, and wants to design a life and business that works for her.

Are you this woman?

If so, I want to connect with you. Let’s make time to talk one-on-one. Easiest way is to schedule some time here, or email me at

And if this is the first time we’re connecting, Michelle and I have something for you: we’re passing on some of the nuggets that we’ve learned along the way, and inviting you to our upcoming Coffee Talks. Visit this page to get exclusive access to our past hangouts and info to join us live next time.

See you there, and let me know in the comments below how else you ‘get away’ without going anywhere. I’m all ears!

There’s a new Boss Lady in town

For the past 3-4 weeks I’ve heard myself say out loud to at least 3 people in my life: I am craving space. I just want to go away somewhere.

Under normal circumstances, this might not be a big deal. Book a weekend away, plan a holiday, unplug the internet for a few days. Except that this urge came at the most inopportune time because 4 weeks ago, my month of June looked like this:

  1. Launch the 5 day True You Treasure Hunt, in anticipation for…
  2. The delivery of Your True You Journey, an 8 week downloadable guide to finding who you are while solving a problem in your life.
  3. Start a group program simultaneously that takes 6 women on their True You Journey together.
  4. Find another 6 women that felt called to attend the ‘Freedom in Faith’ retreat that I wanted to do this July.
  5. Update the 21 page business plan and financial forecasts for our Tilapia hatchery business and complete the loan application to secure half of our start-up cash.
  6. Stay on top of a myriad of daily and weekly things that included submitting two tax returns, and a proposal for a talk at Ignite Cardiff.

My head hurts just reading this list.

Here’s how June turned out:

Number 1, 5 and 6 happened as planned, 2 is about to show it’s pretty face, 3 and 4 are on hold, and I averted a mini-crisis by, for the first time in my life, acknowledging that I was asking too much of me.

I was asking myself to work hard, push through, and sprint the last mile of a marathon, all things that I have done before, easy peasy. In my corporate life, I was constantly juggling 5+ projects in the air while keeping the hamster wheel running. This was expected, applauded, and was a sign of future success.

Time off? Space? Slowing down? I saw it as a sign of weakness.  I held performance conversations with members of my team who couldn’t keep up. Vacation was a nusciance, getting in the way of things that had to be done.

Not now though. There is a very different me at play. The left-brain’s given more air time to the right-brain. The go-getter has morphed into a gift-giver. The high-heels have surrendered to bare feet.

I’ve woken up to the fact that I can do this differently. I don’t have to be a slave to my work anymore. And as my own boss, I get to build in time for stopping.

Because if I don’t, then my work is just another job. My marriage plays second fiddle. The people I want to serve, get trampled on.

There’s a new Boss Lady in town, and she likes to do things differently.

She’s OK with changing the delivery date. I’m ditching the word deadline, because guess what, nobody’s going to die if I don’t do something when I said I would.  It’s great to have a due date, but just like delivering a baby, who usually comes earlier or later than expected, the project might be delivered earlier or later than expected. That is OK. (Of course you probably want to perform a c-section when it comes to the taxman.)

She likes to birth one baby at a time. I’ve never wanted twins, so I’m going to listen to my own wisdom there and focus on one thing at a time. Focus my creative energy to birth one beautiful, healthy, happy baby, instead of preemie quadruplets that need a lot of extra care after they’re delivered.

She likes to be consistently inconsistent. As much as I am a sun-goddess and will find that one patch of sun in the garden to bask in, I take after the moon.  I will be present every day, but my light will look different to you. Even when you can’t see me, I’m there: thinking, writing, scheming, connecting, waiting until the right time to be visible.

She likes to play first, work second. The more I play, the more I imagine. The more I imagine, the more I create. The more I create, the less I need to work. Enough said.

This is what I’ve come to terms with in the past month. It’s the difference between wearing the pants and letting your hair down.

It doesn’t mean that I let myself off the hook and when due-dates come and go, say, ‘Oops, sorry! I was off dancing with butterflies and making daisy chains.’ I still own the responsibilities to myself and others.

But instead of fighting this urge to be more of me… a woman on a mission who glows when she’s chilled out… I’m leaning in, embracing, listening to the chilled out me.

Can you relate? What works for your Boss Lady?

Are you unsure? Let’s have a conversation so you can find out. Get in touch and let’s make time to chat (or use my easy peasy scheduler.)

I also have a gift and a special invitation for you. My friend Michelle McCormick and I have jammed on a lot about how you can slow down, trust your intuition, and create the life and business you want with grace and ease. I want to share our hangouts with you, so visit this page and leave your email to get access.

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Leave a comment below about how you work best as a woman. I’m curious!

What can happen when you’re Soft

Last week I shared how my friend Michelle McCormick challenged me to add some color and beauty into my life.

While that was an external change that reflected some internal shifts that happened over the past year or so for me (finally catching up lol), this week I want to tell you a different story, about how an internal shift has brought about external results.

This story actually happened to Michelle, but it’s had an impact on me too.

OK, so…

We’re on the ‘phone’ (aka Skype) and she stops and says, “OMG I HAVE to tell you what happened to me the other day…”

“I met up with a guy I haven’t seen for over a year and we’re having a good catchup, blah, blah and at the end, he looks at me and says, ‘You know… something about you is different. You still ask amazing questions like you did a year ago, but something is different.’

Of course I ask, ‘What?’

He says he doesn’t know, and we wrap up and say goodbye and I go back to emails on my laptop. A few minutes later he’s back…


He goes…. I know what it is… I know what’s different…

You’re SOFTER!”

This is the end of Michelle’s story, and I tell her I have chills and how friggin cool it is that someone, especially a guy, noticed her softness, considering she just gave that as her Number 1 answer of how she creates her life and business, in the recent Real, Raw & Related convo we had.

And THEN the lightbulb goes off….

I say, Michelle! You know how you just told me you signed 5 new clients in the past few weeks because you decided to make it easy for them to say ‘Yes’? Well!

That’s you being SOFT! In a good way! That’s you surrendering, connecting, offering love, inviting people in. It’s working! Being soft and embracing your feminine is getting you results!”


This had such an impact on me because it’s one thing to know it in your head, and another to live it from your heart.

This is what Michelle is embodying for herself and others, and clearly impacting those around her.

And here is the clincher…

When you make life easy for others, you make your life easy too.

Michelle has been showing up with a heart to serve those around her, without letting money get in the way. And because of that, the result is she has a flourishing business.

This challenged me.

How often do I let me ego get in the way of service?

How often do I let fear and a scarcity mentality win, leaving me pushing, striving, trying and working harder than feels good?

Too often sometimes, TBH.

Thank you Michelle for setting the example and leading from your heart.

What about you? How could you make your life and business easy by making it easier for others?

How could you do this with love, connection, grace, and surrender? Lmk in the comments!

PS This Tuesday, May 19th, Michelle and I are hosting the first in a Free series of hangouts where we’re sharing our top tips and tools on how you can create the life and business you want with grace and ease. Join us LIVE to get your questions answered. Pre-register through this link to get exclusive access.