Meet Rachel: A fiery adventuress

Rachel is my spunky red-head friend who has more wisdom buried inside her than you and me put together, except that when I first met her, she didn’t know it.

When I met Rachel 6 months ago, she was caught up in that binge/purge cycle that stops you from realizing your self-worth. She was beating herself up for her every move. For doing the job she loved, for living in a part of the country she loved, for moving back home, for being a mess, for trying to clean up the mess but not doing a good enough job.

Yesterday, Rachel sent me an email that rocked my world. She was answering the question, ‘What’s been your favourite adventure in life so far?’

Her answer: Finding love for herself through her bulimia journey.

Say what?

6 months ago Rachel was despising her bulimia journey. Rejecting it as we usually do, like a tumour attached to us that we can’t wait to cut off.

Except, as she found out, the only way to get rid of this tumour is to melt it away with an adventure of finding true love.

And, as she learned, you have to look no further than the tip of your nose.

Rachel never ceases to amaze me. Like the time she walked into our session carrying a book of poems she had recently written.

She was a poet and she didn’t even know it.

As Rachel has gone on her True You adventure, I have seen her creative expression blossom. This girl’s got talent.

Watch out world. The show’s about to start.

‘A Hidden Treasure’ – by Rachel Grayson


In the dusty planes of the African Savannah,

Lived Boris the bison and a hyena called Hannah.

Now Boris the bison was a musical fellow-

He could sing and break dance, and even play cello


Hyena Hannah always had to convey

to Boris how wonderfully he played

and as he grew cocky she started to ponder,

“What am I good at?” she couldn’t help wonder.


But one boiling summer the sun was so hot

the Savannah animals nearly lost the plot!

They’d ran out of sun cream and the lake nearly dried,

“What are we going to do, we’ll die!”


Boris, too thirsty to break dance or sing,

Sat in a dusty heap wondering

why Hannah Hyena was sniffing and straining,

why digging a big hole was so entertaining.


As she dug and dug at the dusty ground,

nobody bothered to check what she’d found.

But one scorching day she came bounding to take

them to see what she’d found- “CRIKEY, A LAKE!”


You see Hannah hyena dug such a deep hole

that water had filled it from down below.

The animals drank, and cheered “To Hannah!

Thank you for saving us from the Savannah!”


Now Boris could sing and dance again,

he realised he’d not been a very good friend.

He’d underestimated her and made her feel small.

“I’m so sorry my dear, and thanks for our pool.”


So they swam and played and surfed and floated

and the modest hyena not once gloated.

She’d saved her friends, she’d helped them through it

and they loved her, unconditionally, she knew it.


‘Twas 3 weeks before Christmas

I have a really good friend that I shared a flat with in London, and more laughs than I can count.

There was this one time you would’ve thought we were on crack. We had just moved, and had a futon that didn’t fit in the new place, so we left it outside in a skip (aka dumpster) further down our street. This futon was special, as it had served as my friend’s bed for the past 6 weeks.

One night we’re walking home and noticed the skip (and her bed) was gone. And we started bursting into our own rendition of Tiesto’s remix of Sureal – You Take My Breath Away.

Picture two girls walking down the streets of North West London belting out:

‘You took my bed away. I need a place to stay.

What more can I say? You took my bed away…’

You get the picture? 🙂

Fast forward 8 years and I found myself once remixing someone else’s work. This time I’m not singing it in my ‘hood, just shouting it from the rooftops 🙂

To mix business with pleasure feels so damn good.

So make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, curl up on the couch and savour this latest work of ‘art’ made just for you.

‘Twas Three Week Before Christmas…

Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through my house

The excitement is mounting, I wanna sing and shout…

True You Stockings are here!!! Made with all my love and care!

In hopes that your Christmas feels lighter than air!


Enough of guilt, shame, and pandering, helping everyone but you

It’s time for standing your ground, for living your truth!

Those thoughts you’ve been having that lead you to eat…

Need no more consume you. Now THAT is a treat!


Take care of your body. Be kind to your soul.

They’re precious. They’re prudent.They’re worth more than gold.

How do you do that? It’s so hard to remember

When you’re running around all through December



Put yourself on the gift list. YOU are a MUST!

Imagine this Christmas you felt light and free

Here is your answer. Put it under the tree.


Remember your worth is not based on ‘To Do’

It blossoms and grows, when you Say Yes to You

So my hope for you, is abundance and light.

That you have a real Christmas and a beautiful life.


True You Stockings really are here and ready for you to open. You can get your own here.

The story of the Driftwood

A tribute to love, grace, redemption, beauty. For all of us on a journey. ‘Recovering’ or not. ‘Eating disorder’ or not.

Life: As told by the Driftwood

I once was a tree. Strong. Grounded. Bountiful.

One day the wind came and knocked me down. I drifted down the river into the sea. I was knocked around by waves; beat up by rocks. Battered. Swept away to foreign shores. I thought this was the end.

Until one day some one saw me. They thought I was beautiful. They thought the carved out lines that I called scars, added character.

They were celebrating love that day and thought I was a worthy enough object to remind them of love.

They took me home, just as I am. Gave me a home, and a purpose.

I now shine light once again.


Guess what. You’re a driftwood too.