The Misfit Marketing Strumpet

“Learning to eat for nourishment and pleasure, instead of swallowing fear, has been the biggest challenge of my life.”

Amen sister.

Great read, and checkout her blog for more ED stories. You’ll see you’re not alone.

Fucking Awesome Bulimics I Know

I have known this girl all my life. She was not the kind to get all screwed up, with anything. She was so good at high school: studious, diligent, polite to everyone, and great at math. She continued on to be a successful grown up working in schwanky advertising agencies, strutting around in high boots, with plenty of friends and never seemingly lacking in love. That’s how it looked on the outside. On the inside she carried a secret fear — that underneath it all lay an unlovable fat girl who could bust out at any time. She did everything to squash that fat girl down.

That girl is me, Angela Barnett. Writer. Mother. Body Image Advocate. Kiwi. Founder of this place.

As a Gemini I found the process of interviewing myself very satisfying… especially as I put on a blonde wig to ask the questions.

Do you like your…

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