A new pair of scales

I stopped weighing myself on a regular basis some time in the last 7-8 years. A far cry from when I’d be the scales every day after my 6+ mile run and 2+hr gym workout, trying to get the needle below my magic number.

I’d also keep a log of everything I ate and how many miles I ran, at the end of the day, tally up my total calorie intake and burn, striving for a net figure of 600 calories or so.

This behaviour is an outward reflection of a way of living that I’ve been living my whole life.

It’s based on two works:



I’d aim for deprive (eg Good), and then after a while, couldn’t keep at it any more and the scales would tip to Indulge (eg Bad).

Here’s some examples:

Deprive = measured calorie intake, on the diet, save all my money, hold in all my feelings, work really hard.

Key works there: Measured. Hard. Work.

Indulge = binge, eat more than I ‘should’, spend all my money, explode in someone’s face, duvet day.

No key words there, but the underlying achievement was temporary release and false pleasure.

Although the bulimia has stopped, the spending more even, and I let myself feel a lot more feelings than I used to, that old pattern has still been the default.

I’m learning another way though.

When I practice it, it brings balance, peace, and is a lot more sustainable.

The new scales: Pleasure & Nourishment.

If my choice of the day gives me any sense of real pleasure in mind, body or soul, and similarly nourishes any part of me, it’s a win.

If I’m allowing pleasure upfront, the desire to indulge is gone. And if I’m aiming for nourishment, I’m going to stop when I’m full.

What I love about these scales is that it becomes necessary to notice the Joy and Growth in life, in order to measure where you are on the scales.

Another win.

I recently dove into this concept with a friend as we recorded the content for this year’s True You Christmas Stocking. I was so jazzed as we stumbled upon this paradigm that we’d both been trying out but didn’t have words for.

Now we have, and you have, the words to name it. So powerful.

So tune into this video (it’s only 3 1/2 minutes, easy peasy) and try this on for yourself.

Where are you ready to step onto a new pair of scales?



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