The story of the Driftwood

A tribute to love, grace, redemption, beauty. For all of us on a journey. ‘Recovering’ or not. ‘Eating disorder’ or not.

Life: As told by the Driftwood

I once was a tree. Strong. Grounded. Bountiful.

One day the wind came and knocked me down. I drifted down the river into the sea. I was knocked around by waves; beat up by rocks. Battered. Swept away to foreign shores. I thought this was the end.

Until one day some one saw me. They thought I was beautiful. They thought the carved out lines that I called scars, added character.

They were celebrating love that day and thought I was a worthy enough object to remind them of love.

They took me home, just as I am. Gave me a home, and a purpose.

I now shine light once again.


Guess what. You’re a driftwood too.


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