Hey Mr Litterbug-Man

I’m huMr Litterbugmming, ‘Hey Mr Tambourine Man’, as I’m writing this title…  Although my message to him is slightly different to Bob Dylan’s. 🙂

An expression of my life today…

Dear Mr. Litterbug…

When I saw all the garbage along my road as I went for my walk yesterday, I judged you.

Who does this? Who throws their rubbish out the car window while driving through a residential neighbourhood? Seriously?

Today I went for my walk again.

I judged you again, but realized I don’t really know you. You might actually be a Mrs. not a Mr.

After walking a bit further, I felt like I got to know you a little better…

I’ve noticed you like Costa coffee and McDonalds, although sometimes opt for an occasional Burger King. You like your ciggies and fizzy canned drinks of all sorts; I’m guessing Red Bull is your favourite?

Truth be told, now I was really judging you… Why are you putting all that crap into your body? And if you choose to, at least keep the wrappers to yourself.

I almost walked by all that you left for me, but I decided to turn around, grab our new handy picker-upper from the pound shop, some gloves, and a plastic bag.

I’ve collected your belongings in case you were missing them.


I also am no longer judging you.

I’m actually kind of grateful for you.

I’m grateful for the chance to pick up your garbage… nothing beats good old manual labor for clearing out the mind and soul.

I’m grateful for my eyesight and that I noticed the garbage in the first place.

I’m grateful that tomorrow I’ll get to go on my walk and there will be less garbage (hopefully).

Thank you for that.

And if I ever get to meet you, I want to give you a gift.

I want to give you a gift of Time.

Time… so that you can cook some fresh healthy food for yourself and not have to rely on fast food as a meal.

Time… so you can sleep longer and not need coffee to keep you awake.

Time… so you can stop and smell the roses (or at least our hedges) and notice their innate beauty. (Personally, I don’t think the cardboard and plastic decorations go; you?)

Time… so you can relax, get back to yourself, and not need cigarettes as a distraction from the day’s stresses.

I know I still don’t REALLY know you, but I’ve given up judging you for now.

I hope you are given some extra time today.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, there’s a public recycling center just down the road. They will absolutely LOVE seeing you pull up. You will make their day.

Yours Truly,



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