As a Woman

IMG_4361-1024x768-thumbnailI’m embracing what it means to be a woman.

I’ve lived in a world that is goal driven, achievement oriented, focused on doing, and applauds action… and action NOW.

I can live in that world. I have lived in it, and I mastered it.

It’s not 100% me though.

Sometimes, I need to slow down, pause, create some space, rest.

Today I took a nap. (Gasp!)

In another world, another life, napping was for wooses. Napping meant giving up and giving in, a sign of weakness, possibly selfishness, and most likely, not having it all together.

How can you nap when the To Do List is a page long, the dishes need doing, the laundry needs folding, the accounts need balancing, and a blog post needs writing?

Here’s the thing though:

[Tweet “A nap prevents the crack.”]

Two hours of taking care of me, of listening to my soul when it says ‘slow down’, prevents cracking in the future, whatever form that takes.

In the past I might not have listened. I wouldn’t have thought I deserved it, or that I had done enough to warrant some time to rest.

Today, I rested in peace. Knowing that…

[Tweet “When I listen to my soul, lean in, and give myself some space, I am enough.”]

Crossing off my To Do List is great, but if I am crossing it off in a hurry with the sole purpose of getting it all done, it will never be enough.

Creating new ideas is fun, but if I am doing that without pausing to let it all sink in, it will never be enough.

Making the ideas a reality gives me a high, but if I think I need to be behind the wheel and in the driver’s seat 100% of the time, it will never be enough.

I know I am enough when I stop. When I rest. When I let space and time happen without me having to do anything.

This is where I feel my strength. This is how I love being a woman.

Want to feel your strength? Be able to slow down, listen to your intuition and know that you are enough?

Join one of the upcoming True You Adventure Days for an experience in the gorgeous Welsh countryside as you lean in and Find Your Strength.

Click on the dates below for details:

March 14th, 2015

April 18th, 2015



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