Why I Dance

Dance Like Nobody's WatchingYears ago when I shared a flat in London with my good friend Fran, we would have occasional ‘Sunday Night Dance Parties’ where we’d blast some beats, jump around like schoolgirls, move our bodies and laugh until our sides hurt. The kind of dancing you’d never do in a club with other people watching, but oh, so much fun.

We stopped when we each met our future husbands (not that we knew it at the time) and started to ‘grow up’ a bit.

Last year I realized how much I missed those Sunday Night Dance parties, and so I started doing it again on my own. I remembered how good it was for me, and started inviting other women in my community to join in.

In case you think I’m crazy for dancing in a room by myself every week, or wondering why you’d ever entertain the idea yourself, here’s why I dance:

-It’s fun.

-I get to be the real me.

-I get move my body in a mentally and emotionally healthy way (I’m not counting minutes, calories, reps, speed, or judging my body’s performance).

-There is no other purpose to moving my body other than dance itself. I’m super present to the moment.

-Moving to the music releases something in me. It’s lights up my soul.

-It clears my head.

-I inevitably smile at some point or another 🙂

-I warm up (I’m always cold so this is good.)

-The creative juices start to flow.

-I feel free.

-I feel like anything is possible.

-I appreciate my body differently when it moves on its own to the music. I love myself more each time I dance.

-Did I mention it’s fun?

-My body feels good during and afterwards. It feels strong and alive.

-I amaze myself that I can jump and move my body freely in ways that I normally fear or refrain from.

-It awakens my feminine.

-I feel sexy.

-I feel alive.

-I am super connected to myself.

-I feel like a kid again.

-I don’t have any worries.

-I don’t have any shame.

-I am free, I let go, I just flow.


Try it, and then tell me, why do you dance? Leave a comment below.

PS Plug into my YouTube channel for some weekly inspiration to dance. If you’re not sure how to dance like nobody’s watching, here’s a place to start.


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