Real Raw & Related

Real, Raw, Related v2.0I haven’t written much in the past few weeks because instead of writing, I’ve been talking… With some pretty amazing women who’ve inspired me to take some action!

I will tell you more, but first I want to share what was so great about these conversations.

At first glance, these three women might seem different from each other, and to you, with little in common.

Athena lives in Hawaii, was a single mom, is recently married, hosts a radio talk show, and is a coach for survivors of childhood sex abuse. You can find out more about her here:

Kat is teaching English in Mexico, is from Hungary, maintains a long-distance relationship as she lives nomadically, likes to run, and is a holistic health and happiness coach. You can find out more about her here:

Mercedes is from London, lives in a picturesque part of Wales, is a mom to two young girls, and runs a fitness and lifestyle business with her husband. You can find out more about her here:

Each living different lives from the outside.

Yet so similar on the inside.

As I got to know each woman at a deeper level this month, I realized this:

-We all have our histories that shape us into what we are today.

-We all are on a journey, never really ‘there yet.’

-We all have our challenges and our struggles.

-We all have things we can celebrate.

-We all have our stories with food.

I also realized that I’m not alone in my desire to be connected with other women, be open and honest with each other and myself, and to be living as true to myself as possible.

Which is why I’m going ahead with creating a space for women to tell their stories.

There is such power in sharing our stories. We realize we’re not alone, others realize the same, and healing takes place in the process.

So, starting tomorrow, December 15th, you’re invited to join me as I share my story in the first of a series of Real, Raw & Related conversations with women who are just like you. We share your pain and joy, and through these conversations you’ll get to know

the real us… no hiding or trying

the raw us… things we rarely share with anyone

the related us… we’ve been in your shoes

To connect in, follow on YouTube  or Google+  for tomorrow’s, and future, Real, Raw & Related Google Hangouts.

You are also welcome to join us in a safe and private online community, where you can connect daily with women who have similar food and life challenges.  Join us on facebook at Love Food, Love Life.

See you there!!


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