Confessions of a Bulimic

340118_10150481649864763_566809762_8512285_219204773_o-thumbnailMost of the stories I’m about to share have never told. I have carried them with me, for the most part blocking them from my memory. For this very reason, I’ve found it hard to write about my experience with bulimia. My life is different now, and to some extent I’ve tried to forget, and deny, the things I did in the past that I’ve been ashamed of. I’ve allowed myself to go back there just enough to relate to others, but have still kept my distance. Continue reading


Real Raw & Related

Real, Raw, Related v2.0I haven’t written much in the past few weeks because instead of writing, I’ve been talking… With some pretty amazing women who’ve inspired me to take some action!

I will tell you more, but first I want to share what was so great about these conversations. Continue reading